Is the universe a milkshake of stars? definitely no, and the blog universe either, every blog that I visit is like star in the sky, when you read the content is simply start a tour inside the mind, knoweledge and even spirit of the author.

No need a password, no need of permission you just need hungry for known, so there is no milkshake there is only a universe of brains, ideas and personalities.

«Is not what you read, is what you catch» allow me to say it in this terms, all the letters in the post you read give you direction but above all, give you a way of comprehension, It’s like the clay in the hands of an artist, you turn it into art.

Then the comprehension becomes something useful, to give you an idea, I’m used to prepare a drink or good coffee or even a great tea and pick a blog; I have a wide selection of topics. Then the magic happens, let’s say I choose something about politics, and like everyone I have my own vision of politics so no matter if I coment on the post or a learn something new to my own personal richnes and culture, sometimes even I can have a better aproach to something that I already learn time ago. That’s the best way to ensure that the all the work from the writer is in fact valuable to us.

No sir, politics noooo please… ¿You don’t like politics? no problem, because there are alot of topics, may be you like something about science, let’s say you looking for something about radiocarbon dating, here in this very same blog I my self run a section that is called -Alta Educativa- where there is a post with that title.

So, if you allow me to invite you to keep reading the entire universe of blogs and of course this one BELLEZA MICRÓN and get soacked of all the ideas, you are more than welcome. ¡ Please Visit us !

Serious things and even funny things happen you read a blog: certain day I was litteraly suffering because no matter how I tray to repair an electric connection on my home, so I search (jaja please no judge me I belong to those peopple who still believe and check on some printed information jjaja) on on my old manuals and all those rugged (terrifyng) places that we all have in our houses, but definitely had to check internet, and «voila» the answer was there ¡¡¡¡¡what an big discover uh !!!!! And then when everything ends I feel my self like an consecrated electrician… (Please no laugh of me jajaj).

Well my loved and distinguished reader, please keep on READING jajjaj and make this milkshake a big and taseteful drink of knowledment. Thanks for all.

Have a Great day, thanks for the time that take read and I hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I do.

Edgar S.

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