How Sodium can help us now.

¡Oh Look! Over there, it’s the sodium…

Hello my fellow readers, it is my pleasure to welcome you to another post, here on your blog Belleza Micrón, you know I was listening the news today and I hear something about the Sodium on cars, imediately I got surprised so, I decided to check out for more information about it.

Neither the progress is free from falling and falling, in fact progress requires those

fallings to achieve the closest thing that we can call “perfection” or at least, that we can say is working as it should.

And that’s the things that are now happen in this world, recently the COP 26 has took place in Glasgow (Scottland) United Kingdom, and many things happen there but the focal point is that the “entire world “ agrees or at least want it to change, Change in a major way, no more fossil fuels or energy that comes from fossil is wanted for the future any longer.

And yes, I know that there are alot of people who thinks “politicans always do the same thing that they do every year” — “nothing” — or even alot of people can say: since the 80’s decade we hear the same things on this kind of summit, and nothing happens yet— but let me argue this, in the 80’s the entire world didn’t have any single piece of technology that we have today, and if you are inteligent ( I know you are ) you’ll know that the technology has alot to do in this area.

In the 80’s decade or even earlier gorvernments of many points in this planet (excluding those who thinks that the climate change is not real, because yes they are people who still think that the world is flat and the climate change si a myth) so, like i was saying the “world” want it to change, and at that time (in the 80’s) even when countries want it to adopt significant actions they were unable to do that because of many things, first thing we can say is:

1.- Yes, take action requires that thing — “action” — bureaucracy and many “obscure” things impede the real action.

2.- The real action also requires technology (again) that dont have at that time, I mean stop the entire produciotn of combustion vehicles so we can instead produce electric vehicles is not so easy, all of this needs a bunch of technology and of course, alot of money, as we can see there are alot of aspects that simply it’s been forgeting, but when we talk about technology it is recentley improved.

So we are in the same point that we were before, now the entire world want it to change and many countries like France, Germany, Norway, United States, Canada, and many many many others agrees but also acts in the same direction. And when we say “same direction” actions like France setting the basis for the future to not produce and selling combustion cars in the entire territory, and yes, alot of people can say “yes is the same because that’s not gonna happen until 2040 so no matter at all” but allow me to argue this with the same thing, in the past we, I mean the entire world doesn’t have the technology that we have now, so the things can be different today and in the future, similar things are happen in Germany and other countries so yes may be I’m sinner trying to believe in a real change but, you know I wanna believe it, yes…

Other “argument” can be the next: In the 80’s the entire automotive industry has none electric vehicle on their inventory, but every brand had always on mind the idea for sure, ready to bring it to life but, the paper not always has is very own real production car, and yes as you can figure it, it is because of technology at that time, it wasn’t the same as today…

Many brands (some of those brands are now only in the past) has the idea since the begining of the 20th century but, like I say before the “idea” and the “reality” has none the same schedule, so we all need to wait untill the technology is aviable, and happens that now is that day…

But Want it not necesarely means “no more need it”, in fact we still need it for just a few years (we hope not many), but yes for now it is need it, the thing is

we all want it to be free from fossil fuels but, let’s go deeper in the subject, till the entire transportation is electric or the infrastructure is sufficient to produce at large scale we still bound to combustion cars.

But allow me to be clare my fellow readers, because you can wonder ¿so we go on the right path or not? The answer is yes because we still need the combustion vahicles but only untill the infrastructure is the right one, if you look deeper on those companies who are developing technology you can see “a big thing” in the research and developing process, or even if you cheek it on the financial way, there is a large agreements and contracts to continue developing through giving more budget to stablish a solid “floor” to be more efficient, have more autonomy of the Electric Vehicles and even have better self driving technology and many more…

Derived from this situations is now necesary to be more witty because it is also necesary to have the entire context of whats happen now on this technology, due to the extended demand on the cells power requiered for the electric vehicles, and the actual conditions also derived from the pandemic situation, and the fuell crisis that the entire world is sufering now.

It’s been more difficult to have the full supplies to produce on an efficient way an electric car and of course, the battery cells are now suffering due to the lithium, the news that I was listening today has to do with this specific part, now it comes that sodium it can be our saviour and even if it’s momentary (untill the industry is more efficient managing the entire supplies) the fact is that sodium is now the new “rock star” on this scenario because yes, may be the supplies are becoming more difficult to have, but the reality is that many things could be easeier by the moment if sodium introduces into the game.

According to the news, China says that sodium can be more efficient on many conditions like difficult wather and even more, many other materials are in aim of the entire industry of course, becuse not only is more efficient in some areas but, it’s cheaper than lithium so that’s why it can be our saviour.

As a little reflexion, the better manage the industry his resourses, the better could be the future for this new horizon technology, electric vehicles are goin to be the next big game changer, but the interesting thing is that change is not so far away, in fact is more closer that we think because we tend to think that technology could be slower, but often the advance of technology goes beyond our expectations.

¿Now why cheaper means in this case better? Well the answer is realy simple, cheaper means better because if you lower the cost of production of whatever you are producing, the final cost to sell it to the final consumer will be lower, even if like in this case may be work with sodium is harder than lithium, but the future context will be this; the entire automotive industry will be changing, looking forward to electric vehicle so, the industry have to start thinking on a large scale production.

Talking about large scale production, that point is when things are going to be more interesting because, now demand is going wider but then supply will be increase so, the price will be more – let’s say “affordable” – at that point those combustion cars that still remain are gonna be less and less, and if we let our imagination fly may be other technologies can be surfacing, may be hydrogen will be more “mature” at that time or something else…

Well my fellow readers, let’s our imagination fly an also let’s be ready to embrace those new and better technologies, recieve a big hug and my fraternal wishes for you to have a great day. Thank you for reading our content, and for visit us here on your blog Belleza Mocrón.

Edgar S. Responsable of the area Alta Educativa.

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5 comentarios sobre “How Sodium can help us now.

    1. Si, a mi también me sorprendió mucho, la verdad incluso pensé que se trataba de una broma pero no jajaja la verdad la ciencia es increíble, como bien lo ha mencionado usted, no se nos ocurre investigar un poco y solo eso hace falta, la verdad ahora veo la sal jajaja con otros ojos jajaja, en fin una vez más le agradezco mucho que se tome el tiempo para leer y de verdad me gusta mucho que alguien con cultura nos lea.
      Reciba un enorme y respetuoso saludo, y un enorme gracias pero recuerde, la próxima vez que le ponga sal a su comida… jajaja no es una broma jjajaj

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